Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by the talented Ruth at:

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My 7 facts are ...

1. I turned 48 years old on August 5th.
2. I cut off over 10" of hair just before my birthday. It was donated to Locks of Love.
3. I have been going by the name ItsMeKarin since 1992 (on AOL).
4. I have worked in the accounting field for all of my adult working life. And I have always hated it.
5. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago (Oct. 1998). My last surgery was May 1999 and have been cancer-free since.
6. I have a daughter that is a reporter and a son that is a manger for a retail auto parts store and a step son that is starting college after working for a year after high school.
7. I have 2 fawn great danes. Toby is 3 y/o and Murphy just turned 1 y/o.

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