Saturday, August 23, 2008

TOU for Free-To-Use Scripts

A friend asked me today if it was OK to use my scripts to make elements for one of her scrap kits. I thought I had answered that question in my TOU, but when I re-read them, I see that I was unclear. So, I'm going to post my TOU for those purposes here.

(you might want to paste this into a notepad document and save them)

Terms of Use for Free To Use Scripts
© Karin Herd 2008

It's very simple, really. I created this script, so please do not claim as your own. This script is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY! This means you cannot use it to make this for a scrap kit and then sell the kit. Or, use it in a tag and then sell the tag. If anyone is going to make money off of this FREE script, it's me! I'm sure you can understand that.

Personal use includes making scraps for your own FREE-TO-USE kits that you'd like to share.

I'd love for you to tell your friends about my script(s), but please do not share the script. Please send your friends to my blog, instead. I'd also appreciate it if you would mention my blog if you make elements for a kit from one of my scripts.

Other questions? Just ask me!


Karin Herd

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