Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've gotten an award!

And I'm tickled aqua & melon about it!

Thank you, RyLee for giving me this award! It means very much to me.

So, I'm supposed to pass this one to 7 other people. This is really hard, but I am going to give this to some of the blogs that have impressed me.

Chynna - Who draws all of her own scraps!

Ruth - You don't get better support than her!

Lacy - Her blog design is really fantastic!

Sheri - A dear friend that has a fabulous blog design too!

Beth - An inspiration and a friend with another beautiful blog!

Lori - Who has been so generous with her doodles for so long!

And finally I'm giving this right back to RyLee ( cuz I had no idea that this sweet lady had a blog until she gave me this award. Thank you!

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