Monday, September 22, 2008

You try to do something nice!

I am pretty sad and upset at the moment.

I'm contemplating not doing freebie scripts anymore. The reason why is someone in a digital scrap group where I announced my freebie has come out with a kit and is going to sell ribbons in her "store" (which will be opening soon) that matches my fancy edged ribbon. I can lay one of my ribbons on top of their preview and it matches in all curves and shading.

If you download and use any of my freebies, please read the terms of use! No one but me is going to profit from my work. Writing a script takes hours. So, no kits or elements or embellishments that are made using any of my scripts may be sold. The work is protected by copyright.

Even if you were going to offer a freebie kit or set of elements or embellishments, it requires credit back to me.

So, when I yank my freebies, you can thank that person for spoiling it for the rest of you.


Digital Embellishments said...

That is sad, wonder if its the same person who tested mine as a CT member and never said she was opening a store, now has all my items for free and is selling them. Would have been ok if I had known about it.

Christina said...

Karin, that is just horrible. I am so sorry that someone has done that to you. Many hugs!